Thursday, 20 February 2014


logo design: Steve Cook
On Feb 14th 2014 model supreme Manko once again killed it at Orbital Comics 'Va-Va-Valentines' life drawing event.

This was the second in a series of life drawing sessions featuring Manko & hosted by artist Jason Atomic.
 Costumes, projections, props and atmospheric background music was used to create a hard-boiled 'film noir' effect inspired by the work of Frank Miller, Jim Steranko & Will Eisner.
sketch: Ana Dias
photo: Rossetti Rogers
The sensational costumes were supplied by House Of Harlot, whose designer Robin Archer's 40ies-inspired cuts gave the perfect silhouette, while glossy rubber dramatically reflected the specially designed projections, and heightened the stylised cartoony effect.

photo: Rossetti Rogers

photo: Rossetti Rogers
sketch: Ana Dias
sketch: Rainer Stolle
photo: Rossetti Rogers
photo: Rossetti Rogers
photo: Rossetti Rogers
photo: Rossetti Rogers
photo: Jason Atomic

sketch: Jason Atomic
These un-tutored life drawing sessions at Orbital Comics are tailored specifically towards comic strip illustration. Enthusiastic amateurs and professionals alike are welcomed. 

The next session will take place alongside the Satanic Mojo #2 exhibition on Friday May 23rd.
photo: Jason Atomic

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Va Va Valentine's

If you're a comic artist or merely an art fan looking for an interesting date idea in London's West End on Valentine's Day 2014, why not join us at Orbital Comics for some 'noir' themed life drawing?

It's £10 for 2 hours, our Femme Fatale Model is the exquisite ms Manko & your entry price includes free refreshment.

Contact store for bookings, you can buy tickets here

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logo: Steve Cook photo: Jason Atomic

This is the second of these life drawing sessions aimed specifically towards comic strip illustration. The first "Catsuits & Rayguns"took place at Orbital on Dec 13th 2013. It attracted a mixed crowd of artists and illustrators ranging from absolute beginners to industry professionals, you can see a gallery of photos form that event over at Steve Cook's Secret Oranges blog.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Paint Is... Battle Of The Eyes.

I'm a massive fan of Savage Pencil & Chris Long's "Battle Of The Eyes" art group.

Since the mid 80ies (when their NYAK NYAK comic was given away free with Jim Thirlwell's awesome Wiseblood "Motorslug"12") I've been obsessed with collecting their work. 

In recent years the duo have ressurected themselves as an expressionistic live art phenomenon and I've had the honour to watch and sketch them during several live painting events, paint a portrait of Savage Pencil and even had a cameo in one of their films, 'What We Do' by Mario Cavalli, (see below).

Savage Pencil by Jason Atomic
Battle Of The Eyes by Jason Atomic

From Jan 22nd to Feb 14th 2014 Battle Of The Eyes will start an artists in residence, live art installation at Orbital Comics, don't miss Paint Is...

Be there or be square,

Jason Atomic

Savage Pencil himself will be delivering a talk on underground comix on Friday,
February 7 from 7.30pm.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Jack Kirby's Jacob And The Angel Statue

Back in 1989 "the King of Comics", Jack Kirby, teamed up with sculptor Glenn Kolleda to create a sculpture bringing his Jacob & the Angel illustration into 3 dimensions!

pic by Honey Manko

Released by Artnet*, in a limited edition of 2500 copies, it was created to accompany this classic Kirby screen print:

Image found at Cap'n's Comics

all photos by Honey Manko
On the reverse it was numbered out of 2500, this one being #128 & featured the distinctive signature of Jack Kirby.

all photos by Honey Manko

The statue came with accompanying documentation and certificate of authenticity which speak for themselves, see below.

For the sake of completion we also present a photocopy of a feature on this release from the Comic Buyers Guide Nov 10th 1989 & Ray Wyman's original press release.

Hail To The King!

*Artnet's Ray Wyman was a staunch supporter of Kirby & in 1992 wrote 'The Art Of Jack Kirby' for Blue Rose Press.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Mike Diana at Orbital!

If you are in the West End of London between now & March 14th be sure not to miss this exciting exhibition at Orbital Comics.
Grab this rare chance to viddy & indeed purchase original artwork of the notorious Mike Diana!
It is a most joyous and graphic celebration filled with gleeful gloriousness and gloriousity of exploding stars and bloody stumps, bugmen, balloons, bunnies, ponies, crazy cats and crack babies! 

Hear Mike tell his story on The Orbiting Pod
(The state of Florida ended up bulldozing his family home to stop him drawing his comics!)

pics by Manko

Mike Diana, America In London. Opened on Feb 14th & runs until Mar 14th 2013 
Artwork comes courtesy of Diana's UK publisher, the Deptford based Divus.